Identity Crime Prevention, Inc. has created America’s first Data Theft Risk Purchasing Group, which provides efficient access and remedies to one of today’s greatest threats. The Data Theft Risk Purchasing Group is accessible to nearly all businesses that collect, use and disclose sensitive information. The Group structure and operations are managed by Identity Fraud, Inc., a pioneer and original provider of data and identity theft solutions. By combining comrehensive identity crime prevention training, assessment, remediation, and incident response programs, organizations economically increase defenses and reduce liabilities in the fight against crime. For enrollment details, please contact us today!

Privacy, Security, Information & Identity Fraud Risks

continue to create significant problems that every industry must address. Customer information, employee records, property, confidential plans, and fraudulent transactions represent a small sample of legitimate exposures to loss.

Identity Crime Prevention, Inc. (ICP) formed the Data Theft Risk Purchasing Group, in part, to help its members secure liability insurance and remedies for data theft incidents. The solutions are provided in conjunction with and through our licensed program administrator, Identity Fraud, Inc.

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Ponemon Report reveals 5% of mobile devices are lost/stolen each year